Programs funded by Potomac Health Foundation grants must serve communities in the Foundation geographic service area and endeavor to improve the health of the community. The Foundation makes grants to organizations through three programs of support:

Howard L. Greenhouse Large Grant Program:  The large majority of the Foundation’s grant making is done through the Howard L. Greenhouse Large Grant Program. This program makes three-year project-based grants on an annual basis through an open Request for Proposals (RFP) process. The inaugural Large Grants were made in 2011 and finished their three year cycle in 2014. The average size of an annual Large Grant since inception is $129,000. For 2016, $2.7 million was awarded in Large Grants.

Health Safety Net Program (HSN): The next largest support window is the Health Safety Net which was started in 2014. Through this window, the Foundation grants awards by invitation only to agencies making up the health safety net for the medically underserved. This includes access to primary, dental, medication, mental health, vision or other health programs designed to increase access. These grants are made on an annual basis and there is no limit to number of years funded. The size of the average annual grant since the inception of this window is $124,000. In 2016, close to $1.03 million was awarded in HSN support.

Management Assistance Program (MAP): MAP grants are one year capacity-building grants to agencies that currently have a Large Grant award by invitation only. The first MAP grants were made in 2014. This strategy was created to ensure that PHF investments in large grant programs could be sustained by grantees. The goal of MAP is to help grantees deliver the same or higher levels of care after graduating from PHF large grant funding by promoting agency and program sustainability. These grants are up to $25,000. In 2016, $67,006 was awarded in MAP grants.