How to Apply

How to Apply

Howard L. Greenhouse Large Grant Program

Letter of Intent (LOI) Application Instructions

Grant period: July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018

 For the 2017-2018 Howard L. Greenhouse Large Grant Program, the Potomac Health Foundation will be making one year only grants. NOTE—Grants made in this cycle will be considered one time grant opportunities and may not have the opportunity to apply for year two and year three renewal as previously offered. Proposals may be submitted for any projects that address the Potomac Health Foundation mission of improving the health of the medically underserved. However, the Board of Directors have approved the following preferred focus areas for the 2017 grant cycle:


  1. Access: to strengthen access to primary health care for medically underserved residents. This includes primary care, maternal and child health, dental, and medication. (Minimum request amount $25,000, Maximum request amount=$200,000).


  1. Capacity Building: to support projects that build the organizational capacity of non-profits including, but not limited to—strategic planning, board development, outside consultants, IT/technology. Internal staff positions will not be considered. (Minimum request amount $25,000, Maximum request amount=$150,000)


  1. Mental/Behavioral Health: to support organizations and projects that provide mental/behavioral health services and support to the underserved. (Minimum request amount, $25,000, Maximum request amount=$200,000)


The Request for Applications process occurs in two steps. The first step is the initial application, known as the Letter of Intent (LOI). Applications will be reviewed by the Grants Committee and Board of Directors to determine fit with Foundation service area and funding priorities. Progression to the second step of the application process, known as the Formal Proposal, is invitation only. Applicants will be notified of the Foundation’s decision in writing. Organizations may only submit one Letter of Intent.


Applications should be submitted online. All applicants are required to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) highlighting the purpose and objectives of the project, along with budget information. The applicant is responsible for ensuring the LOI arrives by the deadline of 5:00 p.m. on January 25, 2017.


If Potomac Health Foundation approves your LOI, a more detailed proposal will be requested in March 2017 for consideration by the board. Instructions and an application form will be provided at that time. The deadline for the formal proposal, if invited, will be by 5:00 p.m. on April 14, 2017. A site visit or interview may also be requested during the formal proposal application process. Please note, receiving an invitation to apply after you submit an LOI does not assure approval of your proposal. Community partners receiving a grant award will be notified by June 9, 2017 with the first payment scheduled to go out in late June. For a listing of important dates in the Howard L. Greenhouse Large Grant Program process, please see page 3.



Evaluation Criteria


The Foundation favors LOIs that: show promise of significant impact in addressing identified issues, are clearly aligned with foundation priorities, demonstrate sound financial planning, including sustainability, are thoughtfully planned, organized and ready for implementation, complement efforts of other organizations and address current and emerging health issues. Specifically, the following evaluation criteria will be considered throughout the due diligence process as the Foundation works to identify the requests to fund:

  • Geographic service area
  • Alignment with strategic priority area(s)
  • Target population and filling critical needs
  • Methods/activities and use of best practices
  • Appropriateness of budget request
  • Organizational ability
  • Meets Board-approved grant guidelines


Foundation Service Area


Applications will be accepted from tax-exempt organizations that serve the people of eastern Prince William County Virginia, and the immediately adjacent communities in southeastern Fairfax and north Stafford counties. This includes the following areas:  Aquia, Dale City, Dumfries, Garrisonville, Lake Ridge, Lorton, Manassas, Montclair, Occoquan, Quantico, Southbridge, Triangle and Woodbridge, Virginia.


Excluded Purposes

The Foundation excludes the following from funding consideration: programs not directly related to health; sponsorships including fundraising events; direct support of individuals; programs designed to serve members of religious or sectarian organizations, exclusively; programs currently served by other sources (if Foundation grant would supplant this funding); retirement of debt; programs that do not or would not have other sources of revenue (i.e. PHF is the sole source of funding); scientific research grants; indirect cost percentages.


Letter of Intent Guidelines


Projects that meet the Potomac Health Foundation project focus area and service area requirements should submit an LOI using the following guidelines. Sample forms and online grant application instructions are also available at


Letter of Intent should include: (no more than 1,250 words)

It is recommended to write the document using a word processor prior to online submission.


  1. Agency Profile: (excluded from word count)
  • Organization name, address and website.
  • Organizations’ founding date, federal tax ID number, year tax-exempt status was awarded, and mission statement.
  • Executive Director and Project Contact name, phone number, and email.
  • Briefly describe your organization’s history and recent accomplishments. (175 words)


  1. Project Information: (excluded from word count)
  • Project title with proposed start and end date.
  • Grant type and service area requirements.
  • PHF Focus Area: Access, Capacity Building, Mental Health, Capital Project
  • Foundation service area: geographic designation of service delivery.
  1. Project Narrative:
  • Describe the purpose of the funding request, including a problem statement or need assessment for the project. (250 words)
  • Description of the target population to be served, the approximate number of people to be served. (50 words)
  • Describe the projects outcomes/objectives (annual results). (175 words)
  • Description of the activities that will occur in order to obtain the results. (175 words)
  • Explanation of the monitoring and evaluation plan. (175 words)
  • Local leadership and community support for the project. Include any projected support that may not be secured, but will be by the time of implementation. (125 words)
  • How the requested funds will be spent. (125 words)


  1. Proposal Budget and Signatory Page:

The initial application does not require a detailed budget; however, there is limited flexibility in funding requests between phases so it is best to request a realistic budget during the LOI process. The online system does require general information about the dollar amount requested, the agency contribution and the agency operating budget. A signed budget signatory form is also a required upload. A copy of this form is available in the online system under the Virtual Office Library, or as a link in the budget portion of the application. Print the signatory form and obtain the appropriate signatures in order to submit a completed application to the Foundation. The category information on the signatory form should match the figures entered in to the online application.


Applicants are encouraged to form partnerships with other organizations or agencies, engaging others in the planning and implementation of their proposed project(s). In this way, existing resources are better utilized, information sharing is encouraged and duplication of services is minimized.


Submit the LOI online at


For more information:

To review the Potomac Health Foundation LOI Workshop Slides: Click here




Timothy McCue, Director of Grant Programs

Potomac Health Foundation

2296 Opitz Boulevard, Suite 200

Woodbridge, VA 22191

Phone: 703-523-0625

2017-2018 Request for Applications Timetable


January 6 – LOI Workshop 1:00 p.m.

January 25 – Letter of Intent due by 5:00 p.m.

March 3 – Applicants notified of decision

March 10 – Grant Proposal Workshop

April 14 – Proposals due by 5:00 p.m.

June 9 – Applicants notified of decision

June 16 – Orientation and signing of agreements

June 23– First payment