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Guest opinion: How trauma, coping skills affect good mental health

May was Mental Health Awareness Month, which Prince William County officials recognized by proclaiming May 9 “Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day.” But maintaining good mental health should be part of our lives and our children’s lives all year long.

What does it mean to maintain mental health? It means understanding what makes us happy and making a conscious effort to take care of ourselves not only physically but emotionally as well.

Having healthy coping skills when life throws its punches can help us get through the hardest times. Most of us learn these skills during childhood, but it’s never too late to find coping skills that work for you. We are all going to experience obstacles and trauma in our lifetimes. It’s how we find the help we need to get through those times and maintain our mental health that are important.

“Trauma-informed care” is something you should start hearing more about not only in Prince William County but statewide. Professionals who work with youth, such as teachers and school resource officers as well as community leaders, will be participating in trauma-focused training to equip them with skills and resources to help or friends, families and community members.

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