2017-2018 Howard L. Greenhouse Large Grant Program

AgencyProject TitleGrant AwardGrant Year
Comprehensive Case Management System$31,000One Year Opportunity
VALE: A Family-Based Empowerment Program to Target Early Treatment for Childhood Obesity in Low Income Latino Communities$117,468One Year Opportunity
Mental Health for Families with Children$112,000One Year Opportunity
Mobility on Demand Study$50,000One Year Opportunity
Improving Patient Care with Electronic Health Records$40,000One Year Opportunity
RxP Access to Medication Program (AMP)$50,000One Year Opportunity
Family Integration Program$25,000One Year Opportunity
The Office on Youth Mental Health and Wellness$127,000One Year Opportunity
Potomac Primary Care Collaborative$149,528One Year Opportunity
Campaign for Children's Mental Health$45,000One Year Opportunity
YFT Mental Health and Substance Abuse Service for the Underserved$200,000One Year Opportunity
Regional Primary Care Coalition$23,000Year 2
Patient and Family Access Program$38,000Year 2
Colon Cancer Project$98,000Year 2
Increasing cancer prevention and improving continuity of care to underserved Latinas in PWC$97,493Year 2
Permanent Supportive Housing For Individuals with Serious Mental Illness$125,000Year 2
Preventing Health Complications Through Participation in the Stanford Chronic Diseases Self-Management Program and the Diabetes Self- Management Program$40,000Year 2
In person interpreting service.$201,300Year 2
Completion of Therapeutic Services$80,000Year 2
VOSAC III - Day Support Program for Medically Fragile Adults$129,000Year 2
CREST: Collaborative Rehabilitation to Enhance Stroke Treatment$184062Year 3
Behavioral Management for Traumatic Exposure$126150Year 3
Interpersonal Violence Healthcare Partnership Program$63137Year 3
Middle School ACHIEVES (AdvanCing Healthcare Initiatives for undErserVED Students)$249748Year 3
POISED (Precision Outreach Intervention, Screening, Surveillance and Exercise for Falls Prevention in Diabetes) Prince William$210,409Year 3
Fresh Food Access for Community Health$47,734Year 3
PROJECT PLAY$190,000Year 3
webPOISONCONTROL: Enhancement of an on-line prototype triage application to increase access to poison control services and minimize injury from poisonings$196,005Year 3
Improving Nutrition for Low-Income Families$196,091Year 3
PWAFC Navigation$49,465Year 3
Safe Babies and Child Abuse Prevention$25,000Year 3
SNVMC Diabetes Prevention Program$61,279Year 3
Stafford Children's Insurance Outreach Program$14,492Year 3
Potomac Health Foundation Fellows Program$125,000Year 3
Healthy Young America-Northern Virginia Campaign$100,000Year 3