Foundation history

Front of Hospital 1972

In the late 1960’s Prince William County was one of the fastest growing counties in the United States. Community members were concerned by the distance residents had to travel for health services and the traffic between locations. As a result a community group made up of local citizens and comprised of 30 individuals formed and decided they needed a hospital closer to home. They organized, raised money by going door to door asking neighbors to give, borrowed money and built a new community hospital. Their motto was: “A Life is Reason Enough.” Potomac Hospital was established November 7, 1972 and was the last hospital in Virginia started from a grassroots effort, rather than by a corporation. The services provided at the hospital were dictated by the community needs. Bill Moss was President and CEO of Potomac Hospital for 34 years.

Potomac Health Foundation was established in December 2009 as a result of the merger between Potomac Hospital and Sentara Healthcare, Inc. Potomac Hospital utilized proceeds from their merger with Sentara to establish Potomac Health Foundation to promote wellness and prevent disease in communities historically served by Potomac Hospital. Today, Potomac Health Foundation is a private, independent foundation.

Potomac Health Foundation will continue the legacy of Potomac Hospital’s 40 years of health care services by investing in tax-exempt organizations serving individuals residing in the service area to promote wellness and prevent disease.