2014 Grants Awarded

2014 HSN Grants

Agency LogoProgram DescriptionGrant Award
GreaterPrinceWilliamCommunityHealthCenterGreater Prince William Community Health Center
The Center is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) that provides comprehensive primary care and preventive
care, including prenatal, oral and behavioral health services to persons of all ages, regardless of their ability to pay or
health insurance status.
The Center is a critical component of the health care safety net and expands access by providing “open access”
unscheduled visits, emergency dental and high risk prenatal services with sliding fee discounts to eligible patients.
Lloyd F Moss Free ClinicLloyd F. Moss Free Clinic
Access to health care and healthy communities go hand-in-hand. The Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic and its team of over
600 volunteers provide services such as primary and specialty care, women's health, mental health, nutrition education,
and physical therapy. Additionally, our on-site, licensed pharmacy provides access to prescription medications. Patients
have access to free diagnostics (including surgery and chemotherapy) through our essential community partners.
Manassas MidwiferyManassas Midwifery
Manassas Midwifery has expanded its Centering Pregnancy® program, an evidence-based innovative model of group
care shown to improve birth outcomes, successfully in the Dumfries area and have established ourselves as the first
Centering Parenting® provider in Virginia which has offered a continuum of care for mother and baby through the first
year of life. We desire to continue this success by increasing access to our Centering programs and the other services
provided at our office.
PoisonHelpNational Capital Poison Center
NCPC strengthens access to health care by providing immediate, 24/7, free, expert medical guidance by phone, without
prejudice, optimizing medical outcomes in poison emergencies. Immediate access to this service allows poisoned
patients to make informed decisions -- they do not need to seek unnecessary care in emergency rooms nor delay lifesaving
intervention. NCPC services minimize the severity and cost of treating poisonings, free emergency rooms and
ambulances for true emergencies, and shorten hospital stays.
NOVAScriptsCentralNOVA ScriptsCentral, Inc.
Prescription Medications for the Low-income Uninsured. During the 2014 grant year
NSC will provide access to medications for 1,100 low-income uninsured patients at 5
clinics in the PHF catchment area. 28,500 months of medications valued at $2.3
million will be dispensed to patients who reside in the PHF catchment area. NSC will
submit 650 PAP applications to the pharmaceutical companies for medications NSC
does not stock and will provide ‘bridge’ medications to tide a patient over until PAP
medications are received.
PediaticPrimaryCareProjectPediatric Primary Care Project
The mission of the Pediatric Primary Care Project (PPCP) is to place uninsured
children (0-18 years) in “medical homes” for the purpose of meeting their primary
health care needs. Through the support of Potomac Health Foundation we are able to
serve 161 children in the service area.. Last year PPCP received over 4,000 phone
calls. Early intervention and providing access to early health care prevents larger
costs to the family and to the locality.
PrinceWilliamAreaFreeClinicPrince William Area Free Clinic
The Prince William Area Free Clinic (PWAFC) will increase access to medical care
for uninsured indigent residents of Prince William County.
RxPartnershipRx Partnership
Rx Partnership seeks to address the critical health need of access to care – specifically
increasing the speed, efficiency and types of medication available as an important
element of the comprehensive care provided by local clinics to the significant number
of uninsured Virginians in the Potomac Foundation service area.
SentaraSentara Northern Virginia Medical Center
This project consists of two mobile clinics that go out into the community to improve
access to care for the medically underserved, uninsured, low income population of our
community. We reach out to them rather than ask them to come to us. This makes
access easier for those who have no transportation. We are in their own backyards.

2014 MAP Grants

Agency LogoProgram DescriptionGrant Award
Brain Injury ServicesBrain Injury Services
Brain Injury Services plans to “improve financial management and
sustainability.” We will address three areas:
1) The web-site needs to be updated and made more “friendly” for donors who
use their mobile devices,
2) BIS needs to develop a cost accounting structure for the recovery of burden
cost such as fringe benefits, occupancy and General and Administrative (G&A),
3) We need to develop a strategic marketing plan and tools specific to the
Prince William program.
Employment Solutions for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
The two priority areas PAH will focus on are to strengthen executive and board
leadership, and improve financial management and sustainability. PAH will use
MAP funding to provide non-profit leadership and accounting training for the
new Executive Director of PAH, Board training, infrastructure, and consultant
services needed to become a viable non-profit. These investments will result in
an effectively managed, sustainable independent non-profit agency by the end
of 2014.
GreaterPrinceWilliamCommunityHealthCenterPrince William Health Partnership
The organization would hire consulting expertise to create and launch a broad- based
funding plan. This would enable the organization to expand capacity by moving from full
dependence on grants for financial viability/sustainability, to a broader base of financial
support. Included, but not limited to, would be paid memberships, on line donations, and
fee-based programs. While the plan would be created by a consultant with fund raising
expertise, it would be implemented by staff.
ACTSAction in Community Through Service (ACTS)
ACTS MAP Program will address financial management and sustainability by measuring
the impact of the Medical Care Givers and Helpline programs through a third party
evaluation and increased visibility. The research findings will evaluate the impact of each
program. MAP will measure Medical Care Givers economic impact on the local economy
and the long term economic impact on individuals that are graduates. The research
findings for Helpline will be used to establish and implement a protocol to measure the
economic impact of the program on the local medical resources. The development of a
social media outreach plan will increase public support and awareness of each program’s
House_splash_white_largeThe House, Inc. Student Leadership Center
In 2012, THI began an organizational strategy growth assessment. The requested funds
through the foundation will focus to improve financial management and sustainability by
growing its core individual and corporate partners to meet the growing demand of THI’s
programs and expand on the strategy it began last year.

Continuation Grants

Agency LogoProgram DescriptionTarget BeneficiariesGrant Award
American Heart Associationhttp://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/
Teaching hands only CPR with chest
compressions. This works by circulating
oxygen that is present in the blood. The
bloodstream of a person breathing normally
contains enough oxygen to sustain life for
several minutes. However, oxygen can't
nourish cells unless it is circulated, either by
a beating heart or by chest compressions,
making the use of hands only CPR pivotal to
a cardiac arrest victim.
The program will be open to all populations groups and will target 10,500
people in the community. However, because data continue to show that lower
income and minority communities have lower bystander CPR rates, the program
will work aggressively to ensure the inclusion of these populations.
Offering workshops for youth on National
Diabetes Prevention Program Curriculum,
engage youth in video contest messages
focusing on making healthy choices about
food, promoting healthy eating, exercise, and
awareness about obesity and diabetes through
an information campaign, and educating and
disseminating information to individuals
through 24 workshops at community based
ASPIRA proposes to target Hispanic youth and their families from Prince
William County, (Dale City, Dumfries, Manassas and Woodbridge) through a
series of workshops targeting 400 young people between the ages of 11-15, and
a community awareness campaign targeting 6,000 families between the ages of
Northern Virginia Family Serviceshttp://www.nvfs.org/
HealthLink provides oral health education
and dental care services to low-income,
uninsured individuals. Clients willingly
engage in group discussions, ask important
questions, and share experiences about their
lack of knowledge on proper dental care,
resources, and nutrition to support healthy
oral health practices. Clients express
appreciation for the usefulness and practical
applicability of the information provided,
reinforcing the fact that education for good
dental hygiene is a valuable component to
NVFS’s oral health programs.
The target population for the HealthLink program is uninsured adults whose
income is under 200% Federal Poverty Level (FPL) and who reside in the zip
codes targeted by the Foundation.
PrinceWilliamCountySchoolsPrince William County Schools
This program will result in improved outcomes
for students with significant mental health issues
through increased collaboration between PWCS
and other agencies who are involved in
supporting students transitioning back to school
from psychiatric hospitalization and/or mental
health crisis and by providing identified youth
with a dedicated case manager who will facilitate
inter-agency and inter-departmental
60 students in PHF catchment area who pose a serious threat of violence, have
mental health issues that preclude them from attending school, and/or who are
returning from psychiatric hospitalization.
PW Couragehttp://www.pwsi.org/
Our program will focus on the prevention of
childhood obesity and more specifically the
prevention of Type II Diabetes in Juveniles and
adult onset diabetes. Our Soccer For Success
program is a curriculum based program which
gets kids active three days a week and integrates
a healthy lifestyle element to the curriculum.
Kids who complete the program will be healthier
and much less likely to develop diabetes in both
the short term but also long term.
We are targeting underserved children in the community. We will target 200
children ages ranging from 8-10 who are Title 1 schools in our service area.
Over half of our participants will be on free/reduced lunch.
CHF Care Transitions program will promote
treatment and coaching to improve quality and
length of life for people who have heart failure
through education, home visits, and monitoring
of medications, diet, and water retention.
Program consists of 30 days post-discharge from
the hospital to assist in educating and
empowering CHF diagnosed individuals and
their caregivers to assert self-management and
understanding red flags indicators for his/her
condition and how to respond.
Recently hospitalized Congestive Heart Failure patients of North Stafford,
Eastern Prince William, and Lorton. 90% of SNVMC’s CHF patients are 50
years of age and older. No charge for patients or insurance for Care Transitions
program. The patient has the right to participate or deny additional services. The
total affected in the target area is ~2,329(2012 estimate); 60.3 per 10,000 (PHF
2012 Health Profile.
Provide information, coordination, support and
guidance for individuals with complex medical
needs in the agency's residential program,
INSIGHT. Due to this timely and effective
intervention, the Case Manager will assist these
individuals to access needed supports and
services that can prevent long term and often
costly hospital and nursing home admissions.
The target population is adults with developmental disabilities who reside or are
scheduled to move into the agency’s residential services in the eastern Prince
William area. They require medical case management to prevent hospitalization
and nursing home admissions. They are all very low income as defined by HUD
and there is a mixture of race and gender. The ages of the individual’s average
late middle-aged to elderly, but there are a few younger.
The program will address Access through
scholarships and a leadership curriculum that
focuses on healthcare issues of interest to PHF
and that align with PHF funding priorities.
Several colleges have health sciences leadership
courses that could be adapted to a workshop
format and perhaps offered for credit.
The target population is second-year full-time associate degree health sciences
students at GCC and NVCC who live in the zip codes served by PHF. Based on
current enrollments, we project that in 2014-15 approximately 75-80 students
would be eligible Fellows candidates.
There are no restrictions as to age, gender, race, language, or socioeconomic
status although financial need is one criterion for scholarship awards.

This table is available as a PDF. Click here to download the 2014 Year One Grants

Agency LogoProgram DescriptionTarget BeneficiariesGrant Award
ACTSAction in Community Through Service
ACTS Medical Caregivers Training Program
This program seeks to avoid this deterioration by providing 4 comprehensive Nurse Aide
training to passionate and motivated low-income residents of the county. This program
serves two target groups by matching the needs of low-income residents for job training
with the need for quality healthcare workers by aging adults. The efforts of these well trained
individuals will lead to greater independence of patients and better quality of life.
Enrollment of 40 students, anticipating that they
will achieve their BLS/CPR certification.
Minimum of 320 hours of classroom education
and minimum of 160 hours of clinical
ACTSAction in Community Through Service
ACTS Helpline Assistance and Outreach Project
ACTS Helpline will continue to meet the community demand of those individuals in personal
crisis including suicidal ideation by maintaining the 24/7 hotline. Outreach service to the
elderly and disabled will continue and efforts will be made to expand outreach. The LOSS
(Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors) will provide on-site support and aftercare those
individuals in our community impacted by the death of a loved one to suicide.
Continue to provide service to those families
bereaved by suicide via the LOSS team. To
expand outreach to serve those families who did
not have contact with the LOSS team, but were
referred to Helpline by Prince William County
Brain Injury Services logoBrain Injury Services
Brain Injury Services
BIS uses innovative therapies and supports to empower individuals to participate in daily
activities as independently as possible. Individuals with brain injuries sometimes find it
challenging to manage their emotions and behaviors. The treatment team helps participants
learn practical and effective self-management strategies, as well as multiple approaches
including cognitive behavioral therapy, applied behavioral analysis and techniques used for
stress reduction.
Continue to work with 25 individual, new and
continuing clients having neurobehavioral
issued that prevent daily functioning in the
PAH logoEmployment Solutions for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Employment Solutions for Deaf and Hard of Health
Providing Access to Healthcare (PAH) will promote access to healthcare by accompanying
clients to appointments, advocating for clients who are accessing healthcare, providing
communication facilitation (e.g., interpreters) to promote access to services and information,
helping clients apply for Medicaid and Medicare, and educating deaf/hard of
hearing/deafblind individuals about healthcare options and self-advocacy.
1177 deaf/hard of hearing/deafblind persons
living in Prince William County and North
Stafford County.
GMUGeorge Mason University
The ACHIEVES Project (AdvanCing Healthcare Initiatives for undErserVed Students)
ACHIEVES Project is a collaborative between George Mason University and the Prince
William County Public Schools. The project offers increased access and quality of scholastic
sport healthcare and concussion education in middle and secondary schools using certified
athletic trainers as care providers, educators and record keepers.
The ACHIEVES project targets 80,527
students, their parents and 6,114 PWCS school
staff (teachers, counselors, administrators,
athletic trainers, nurses and coaches) in 84
elementary, middle and high schools in PWCS
with an estimated direct benefit to greater than
170,000 PW residents in the PHF service area .
PrinceWilliamAreaFreeClinicPrince William Area Free Clinic
Medication Access Case Management
Prince William Area Free Clinic (PWAFC) funding will be used for a pharmacy technician
to operate as a medication case manager and to off-set medication costs when not covered
under other formularies, during gap periods, or when clients cannot pay.
The PWAFC serves uninsured residents of
Prince William County (PWC) meeting 125%
of the state poverty guidelines. There are 69,309
uninsured residents in PWC.
PWHealthPartnershipPrince William Health Partnership
Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL) Sustainability and Expansion
Conduct curriculum development, program implementation, teacher training
evaluation of the HEAL program for pre-school, Prince William Country
elementary and middle school students.
255 4 to 5 year old pre-school students residing in
the PHF service area.
RainbowCenterRainbow Center
The Mane Experience
Provide access to students with autism, intellectual/cognitive and physical
disabilities to experience the benefits to equine assisted activities for the
medically underserved.
63 students with special needs who attend
Forest Park and Hylton High Schools.
sentara-logoSentara Northern Virginia Medical Center
Every Baby, Every Time!
Assist low income, uninsured and underinsured high-risk pregnant women to
received quality, affordable prenatal care.
35 uninsured pregnant women in Eastern Prince
William County and North Stafford. 10 community
locations will be targeted for an education program
regarding the importance of early prenatal care.
House_splash_white_largeThe House, Inc. Student Leadership Center
Fitting In
FITTING IN continues to successfully address the prevention of childhood
obesity. The House, Inc.’s long-standing commitment to health and fitness
continues so that students today will grow up healthier and able to pursue their
dreams. FITTING IN’s comprehensive strategies are about putting students on a
path with tools they need to live healthy, balanced, and active lifestyles by
incorporating physical fitness and good nutrition.
875 students will increase physical activity and learn
new strategies for achieving
their health and fitness goals.
YouthForTomorrowYouth for Tomorrow
Crisis Intervention Counseling Program
A community-based Crisis Intervention program to strengthen access to
mental health services for medically uninsured/underinsured, and
underserved residents. Crisis Intervention Counseling is a short-term strategy
(lasting from 1 day to 2 months) providing support and problem-solving to
help clients change behavior patterns or problematic thinking.
135 children ages 5 through 21 win the PHF service area
will complete case management and treatment plans.

This table is available as a PDF. Click here to download the Summary of 14B Continuation Grants

Agency LogoProgram DescriptionTarget BeneficiariesGrant Award
MCCPLOGOMedical Care for Children Partnership Foundation
Project Pearly Whites – Lorton
Children see a dentist every six months, providing any support necessary.
Distribution of oral health materials in five languages will continue. This material
goes to MCCP families as well as our community partners.
Children who reside in 22079,
without access to affordable
private or public health
insurance, live in families
with incomes up to 250%
FPL, and are birth to age 19
are eligible.
nueva-vida logoNueva Vida
Reducing Fragmentation and improving continuity of care across the breast cancer

To mitigate the impact of breast cancer through direct cancer screenings, diagnosis,
treatment, and case management. In partnership with partner organizations (Sentara,
Virginia Department of Health, Prince William Hospital, El Salvador Consulate, and
free clinics), a culturally competent bilingual navigator will provide education and
services on breast health/cancer to 300 Latinos and their families.
NV’s clients are low-income,
medically underserved, ages
between 18 and 83. About 78% are
uninsured, 70% do not speak any
English, and most are zerogeneration
Approximately, 87% live below the
100% poverty line, and the majority
of the rest fall between 100 and
200%. We aim to serve 300 Latinas
in the target areas: Woodbridge
22191, Dumfries 22026, Triangle
22172, Quantico 22134, Dumfries
22025, Manassas 20112, Dale City
22193, Lake Ridge 22192.
PrinceWilliamCountySchoolsPrince William County Schools
Human Trafficking Prevention, Identification, and Referral
The project focuses on prevention of the physical/emotional trauma of human
trafficking to mitigate serious health issues. Through the comprehensive education/
prevention initiative, identified youth will receive coordinated care for health,
counseling, and psychiatric consultation from supportive community organizations.
Approximately 4,000 staff
(support personnel,
administrators, teachers) and
approximately 2,800 ninth
graders at six high schools in the
PHF zip codes will participate in
trafficking awareness and
identification sessions that
include strategies for prevention.
The general population will be
exposed to awareness materials
posted throughout the affected
zip code areas.

Prince William Health District
BEAT Cancer Breast Education Awareness & Treatment
BEAT_CA will focus on breast cancer mortality prevention. The approach will be
two pronged: develop a community breast cancer coalition to determine gaps in care,
and institute a patient navigator program both pre and post breast cancer diagnosis.
Funds will be used to develop culturally sensitive programs to increase breast cancer
detection and survival among women in the Potomac Health Foundation service area
within the Prince William Health District.
The coalition will have a broad
focus on the issue of breast
cancer in the community.
However, because African
American women have a higher
breast cancer mortality rate and a
more advanced stage of cancer at
diagnosis, the initial patient
navigator program pilot will
focus on 5,117 African American
women 18 years of age and older
living in the Dumfries and
Triangle areas.
Rappahannock Area Agency LogoRappahannock Area Agency on Aging
The RAAA Aquia Garrisonville Healthcare Project
This project will provide prevention information in group training sessions and will
increase access to needed medical care and health benefits through one-on-one
counseling. These services will be made accessible to individuals by being held
within collaborative organizations, or transportation could be provided to our office.
Specially trained Counselors (staff and volunteer) will provide the services.
Individuals who are
underserved/members of
racial or ethnic
minorities/individuals with
disabilities, with a
concentration on those who
are age 60 and above. There
will be a specialized focus on
individuals who are Hispanic
or Latino.
Streetlight CommunityStreetlight Community Outreach Ministries
Permanent Supported Housing & Respite Care for Medically Fragile Homeless

StreetLight plans to reduce preventable illness and disease among medically
vulnerable homeless persons, thus decreasing hospital re-admissions and reducing
health care costs. StreetLight will accomplish this goal by offering permanent
housing to homeless adults with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cancer and heart
disease. We will also provide housing, care transition and coordination for homeless
discharged patients who do not meet hospital impatient criteria, but are too ill to be
on the streets.
StreetLight will serve up to four
homeless adults who are medically
vulnerable due to chronic health
conditions. Transitional respite care
will be provided to up to 20
homeless adults annually who are
discharged from hospitals yet still
too ill to live on the streets. We will
serve homeless clients living in areas
of Prince William County.
Change in ActionChange in Action
Behavioral Management for Healthy Relationships
Individual neurofeedback therapy and group anger management counseling so that
families become aware of and incrementally identify anger both emotionally and
physiologically and learn the skills necessary to handle their anger and stress
appropriately. Behavioral management training for family members to increase
life/social skills that will increase protective factors and decrease risk factors within
the home environment and will enhance healthy child physical and emotional
Change in Action is targeting
adults, teens and youth ages
5-12 who have an issue with
GreaterPrinceWilliamCommunityHealthCenterGreater Prince William Community Health Center
Expanding Access to Dental Services in Prince William County
Affordable access for the uninsured to dental services is very limited in the
Foundation’s service area. This funding will allow low income, uninsured families
access to low cost root canal and crown services. Nearly 10% of our patients (250)
in 2011 did not have access to these services given the Center did not have the
equipment, supplies, laboratory support, provider training, or patient fee subsidy in
place to perform this work on-site.
The Center's integrated and coordinated care service delivery model will facilitate
our dental patient's access to primary, behavioral, and dental services as well, i.e., all
services are under one roof. Our Medicaid eligibility/ renewal staff will foster the
sustainability of this access as we convert self-pay patients to Medicaid patients.
The target patient population
includes approximately 130
medically underserved
patients that reside in the
service area during the grant
MCCPMedical Care for Children Partnership Foundation
Medical Care for Children’s Partnership Foundation
This program is designed to provide access to health care for children in low-income
families who do not qualify for any public or private insurance. Outreach is a major
part of the project. Information will be disseminated throughout zip code 22079
through schools, child care centers, Head Start, other non-profits, businesses in the
area such as food markets, hair salons, etc. Media outreach will be a component of
the program.
Children who reside in 22079,
who do not have access to
affordable private or public
health insurance, live in
families with incomes up to
250% FPL, and are birth to
age 19 are eligible.
PRTCPotomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission
Transportation Voucher Program to Facilitate access to health care needs
The program is designed to ease/eliminate mobility/transportation challenges
confronting older Americans, people with disabilities and low income households
residing in the Potomac Health Foundation’s designated zip codes within Prince
William County by providing transportation for medical-related trips though a
transportation voucher program.
The targeted population is
residents within the Potomac
Health Foundation's specified
zip codes within Prince
William County qualifying
for age, disability, or income
reasons. The “age” criterion
is 80+ years, the “disability”
criterion is as defined by the
American Disabilities Act
(ADA) and the “income” cap
is 1.9 times the federally defined
“poverty” income
Prince William County Department of Social ServicesPrince William County Department of Social Services
Case Coordinator for Health and Supporting Services: Access for the most
vulnerable homeless adults

Case Coordinator position at the Drop-In Center (a partnership between DSS and the
Cooperative Council of Ministries (CCOM)) to provide access to healthcare services
and reduce the incidence of preventable illnesses. This position will support
homeless individuals in accessing healthcare and other supportive services.
The target population is
homeless adult individuals
living in campsites or other
transient settings in Eastern
Greater Prince William that
visit the Drop-In Center year
PrinceWilliamCountySchoolsPrince William County Schools
Prince William County School of Practical Nursing
A world-class human patient simulation laboratory enables graduating nursing
students to increase their skills' proficiency and limit the amount of orientation hours
needed to train new nurses. Having competent graduating students in the workforce
will help decrease the nursing shortage. Decreasing the nursing shortage will allow
for increased competent nurses taking care of patients in the Potomac Health
Foundation catchment area.
Student population is variable
from year to year. The
majority of students live
throughout the county and the
surrounding areas.
Demographics are consistent
with the Potomac Health
Foundation service area.
PMAH logoProject Mend-A-House
Preventing Falls for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities
Project Mend-A-House's program will prevent falls from occurring and/or
reoccurring by providing safety and fall risk education; offering fall risk assessment
screenings to seniors; providing medical alert devices to seniors, and other at-risk
clients; installing daily assistive living safety equipment; and completing in-home
safety assessments, home repairs and modifications so that residents are safer and
can live more independently in their own homes. Repairs will be completed free of
charge for low-income clients.
Project Mend-A-House
(PMAH) will target eastern
Prince William area residents
that are at risk for falls and
people who want to remain
healthy and prevent falls. This
includes people who are
aging, physically disabled,
experience vision problems or
on medication that decreases
stability. PMAH will provide
free home repair for persons
earning 50% or less of the
area median income.
Families above this threshold
may receive safety
modifications at reduced
sentara-logoSentara Healthcare
Family Health Connection Outreach Worker
Uninsured low income patients without a medical home are frequently discharged
from the hospital and emergency room to follow-up with providers for whom they are
unable to pay. Many times, follow-up is not done and patients return to the hospital's
emergency room for readmission for the same problem or for another problem. The
outreach coordinator will help assist these patients to find a medical home.
The target population are the
uninsured, low income
patients who are seen in
Sentara NVMC's emergency
room and those admitted to
the hospital. They must
reside in eastern Prince
William and Stafford
sentara-logoSentara Healthcare
Sentara Potomac Women’s Health Mammovan
The program will work to improve screening mammography rates, decrease breast
cancer mortality rates & improve breast cancer local staging rates in Prince William
We intend to provide
screening mammograms to
women in our primary service
area, as well as provide
follow up breast care to a
minimum of 25 women (3.5%
of screening population) as
identified by the Prince
William Area Free Clinic.
House_splash_white_largeThe House, Inc Student Leadership Center
The House, Inc.’s Empowerment Center
It is widely accepted that the financial cost of crisis intervention and treatments
services are enormous, yet the cost to families is even greater. The most significant
opportunity we have to impact these costs are family support programs that
emphasize prevention through the EmpowerMEnt Center. We are likely to have
'payback curves' that extend over a long period of time with the much savings
occurring in the student reaches a non-violent adulthood.
The EmpowerMEnt Center
will provide services to
families within the Potomac
Health Foundation’s Prince
William County service area.
The EmpowerMEnt Center
targets approximately 485
individuals, in grades 4-12, to
provide intensive services
with an additional 1,940
YouthForTomorrowYouth for Tomorrow
YFT Diagnostic and Assessment Center
Our primary objective is to provide children, youth and families in Eastern Prince
William County, Virginia access to diagnostic and assessment services, including
early recognition for mental health disorders, risk assessments, chronic illness
supports, medication management, and treatment planning, which ensures a higher
quality of life and overall well-being of clients receiving services.
The YFT Diagnostic and
Assessment Services will
provide services to children
ages 3 - 21 whose
intellectual, emotional, social,
behavioral, and/or personality
functioning are in question.
The targeted population to
receive these services fall
within the PHF catchment
area, regardless of insurance
GRIT LogoGang Response Intervention Team
Gang Prevention and Intervention Health Support Services
The target population are
youth and young adults who
are gang members or human
trafficking victims, or who are
at risk of such activities.
ACTSActions in Community Through Service
ACTS Supportive After Care Wellness Program
The program will provide access to primary health care for medically underserved
residents in the emergency shelters that are operated by ACTS. ACTS will actively
engage clients to educate them about the medical opportunities that exist and are
affordable to its clients. ACTS staff will encourage clients to consult medical
professionals for exams and preventative care recommendations.
The target population will be
400 individuals that access
our housing services that were
homeless in the PHF service

This table is available as a PDF. Click here to download the Summary 14C Continuation Grants