Continuation Grants – Access Projects 2013 – 13C

Agency LogoProgram DescriptionTarget BeneficiariesGrant Award
GreaterPrinceWilliamCommunityHealthCenterGreater Prince William Community Health Center
Expanding Access to Dental Services in Prince William County
The Center will expand access to expensive and specialized root canal, crown, and bridge services to the medically underserved population in the service area through the grant period.
The target patient population includes approximately 150 medically underserved patients that reside in the service area.$94,014
MatthewsCenterMatthew's Center
Expansion of Autism Services
Expanding Matthew’s Center’s autism services into the Potomac Health Foundation service area will provide access to essential Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) supportive services. These services include educational instruction, after school recreation and leisure programs and Summer Camp. The only scientifically valid treatment for autism thus far is Applied Behavior Analysis.
Individuals age 5-21 with severe autism and/or intellectual/cognitive, physical, and behavioral/social disabilities and who have a high incidence of aggression, self-injurious behavior (SIB), and elopement.$217,067
PrinceWilliamAreaFreeClinicPrince William Area Free Clinic

Prince William Area Free Clinic Unified Health Center

Services provided by the Prince William Area Free Clinic (PWAFC) in eastern Prince William County are currently provided in three separate locations. Consolidation of these services into one unified health center will facilitate access to medical care to underserved residents of Prince William County.
Medically underserved $99,281
PWC-SealPrince William County Department of Social Services
Case Coordinator for Health and Supporting Services
The program will provide a case coordinator to assist the most vulnerable homeless adults with access to health and supporting services.
Vulnerable homeless adults.$39,866
sentara-logoSentara Northern Virginia Medical Center
Family Health Connection Mobile Clinic
Family Health Connections mobile clinics increase accessibility by traveling to different sites in the local community where people can reach them easily. For many people without transportation, the health vans locations are within walking distance.
1,100 uninsured and under-served low income population of North Stafford and Eastern Prince William County$34,089
YouthForTomorrowYouth for Tomorrow
YFT Diagnostic and Assessment Center
YFT’s goal is to help address the lack of access to mental health screens and assessments for all children—as early as possible and on a regular basis at appropriate intervals facilitating timely and appropriate treatment. When there is evidence of a problem, children will then receive the comprehensive assessments which help to determine appropriate treatment and services.
Children in the Potomac Health Foundation’s service area $317,810
MCCPMedical Care for Children Partnership Foundation
Provide Access to Health Care for Uninsured Children
The MCCP Foundation levels the playing field for these children so that they can stay healthy and have a chance to excel in school and their other activities.
This program is designed to provide access to health care for children in low income families who do not qualify for any public or private insurance.$53,843
PRTCPotomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission
Transportation Voucher Program to Facilitate Access to Healthcare Needs
The plan aim is to ease the mobility challenges confronting older Americans, people with disabilities and low income households residing in the Potomac Health Foundation's designated zip codes through a transportation voucher program for health related trips.
The elderly, people with disabilities, and low income households residing in the Potomac Health Foundation’s service area$43,940
sentara-logoSentara Northern Virginia Medical Center
Hispanic Diabetes Outreach Program
Increased access to the diabetes education program in the Hispanic population in Prince William County by serving at least 125 new Hispanic patients with diabetes by June 2013.
The target population is the low-income, uninsured Hispanic population in Prince William county with the diagnosis of diabetes$43,124
House_splash_white_largeThe House, Inc Student Leadership Center
The House, Inc.'s EmpowerMEnt Center
House, Inc. EmpowerMEnt Center is aimed at eliminating behavior concerns/conflicts to resolve personal and interpersonal issues within underserved adolescents/families.
Approximately 300 individuals, in grades 4- 12, to provide intensive services with an additional 900 beneficiaries. $169,900