MAP Grants 2014

Agency LogoProgram DescriptionGrant Award
Brain Injury ServicesBrain Injury Services
Brain Injury Services plans to “improve financial management and
sustainability.” We will address three areas:
1) The web-site needs to be updated and made more “friendly” for donors who
use their mobile devices,
2) BIS needs to develop a cost accounting structure for the recovery of burden
cost such as fringe benefits, occupancy and General and Administrative (G&A),
3) We need to develop a strategic marketing plan and tools specific to the
Prince William program.
Employment Solutions for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
The two priority areas PAH will focus on are to strengthen executive and board
leadership, and improve financial management and sustainability. PAH will use
MAP funding to provide non-profit leadership and accounting training for the
new Executive Director of PAH, Board training, infrastructure, and consultant
services needed to become a viable non-profit. These investments will result in
an effectively managed, sustainable independent non-profit agency by the end
of 2014.
GreaterPrinceWilliamCommunityHealthCenterPrince William Health Partnership
The organization would hire consulting expertise to create and launch a broad- based
funding plan. This would enable the organization to expand capacity by moving from full
dependence on grants for financial viability/sustainability, to a broader base of financial
support. Included, but not limited to, would be paid memberships, on line donations, and
fee-based programs. While the plan would be created by a consultant with fund raising
expertise, it would be implemented by staff.
ACTSAction in Community Through Service (ACTS)
ACTS MAP Program will address financial management and sustainability by measuring
the impact of the Medical Care Givers and Helpline programs through a third party
evaluation and increased visibility. The research findings will evaluate the impact of each
program. MAP will measure Medical Care Givers economic impact on the local economy
and the long term economic impact on individuals that are graduates. The research
findings for Helpline will be used to establish and implement a protocol to measure the
economic impact of the program on the local medical resources. The development of a
social media outreach plan will increase public support and awareness of each program’s
House_splash_white_largeThe House, Inc. Student Leadership Center
In 2012, THI began an organizational strategy growth assessment. The requested funds
through the foundation will focus to improve financial management and sustainability by
growing its core individual and corporate partners to meet the growing demand of THI’s
programs and expand on the strategy it began last year.