Year One Grants – 2014

Agency LogoProgram DescriptionTarget BeneficiariesGrant Award
American Heart Association
Teaching hands only CPR with chest
compressions. This works by circulating
oxygen that is present in the blood. The
bloodstream of a person breathing normally
contains enough oxygen to sustain life for
several minutes. However, oxygen can't
nourish cells unless it is circulated, either by
a beating heart or by chest compressions,
making the use of hands only CPR pivotal to
a cardiac arrest victim.
The program will be open to all populations groups and will target 10,500
people in the community. However, because data continue to show that lower
income and minority communities have lower bystander CPR rates, the program
will work aggressively to ensure the inclusion of these populations.
Offering workshops for youth on National
Diabetes Prevention Program Curriculum,
engage youth in video contest messages
focusing on making healthy choices about
food, promoting healthy eating, exercise, and
awareness about obesity and diabetes through
an information campaign, and educating and
disseminating information to individuals
through 24 workshops at community based
ASPIRA proposes to target Hispanic youth and their families from Prince
William County, (Dale City, Dumfries, Manassas and Woodbridge) through a
series of workshops targeting 400 young people between the ages of 11-15, and
a community awareness campaign targeting 6,000 families between the ages of
Northern Virginia Family Services
HealthLink provides oral health education
and dental care services to low-income,
uninsured individuals. Clients willingly
engage in group discussions, ask important
questions, and share experiences about their
lack of knowledge on proper dental care,
resources, and nutrition to support healthy
oral health practices. Clients express
appreciation for the usefulness and practical
applicability of the information provided,
reinforcing the fact that education for good
dental hygiene is a valuable component to
NVFS’s oral health programs.
The target population for the HealthLink program is uninsured adults whose
income is under 200% Federal Poverty Level (FPL) and who reside in the zip
codes targeted by the Foundation.
PrinceWilliamCountySchoolsPrince William County Schools
This program will result in improved outcomes
for students with significant mental health issues
through increased collaboration between PWCS
and other agencies who are involved in
supporting students transitioning back to school
from psychiatric hospitalization and/or mental
health crisis and by providing identified youth
with a dedicated case manager who will facilitate
inter-agency and inter-departmental
60 students in PHF catchment area who pose a serious threat of violence, have
mental health issues that preclude them from attending school, and/or who are
returning from psychiatric hospitalization.
PW Courage
Our program will focus on the prevention of
childhood obesity and more specifically the
prevention of Type II Diabetes in Juveniles and
adult onset diabetes. Our Soccer For Success
program is a curriculum based program which
gets kids active three days a week and integrates
a healthy lifestyle element to the curriculum.
Kids who complete the program will be healthier
and much less likely to develop diabetes in both
the short term but also long term.
We are targeting underserved children in the community. We will target 200
children ages ranging from 8-10 who are Title 1 schools in our service area.
Over half of our participants will be on free/reduced lunch.
CHF Care Transitions program will promote
treatment and coaching to improve quality and
length of life for people who have heart failure
through education, home visits, and monitoring
of medications, diet, and water retention.
Program consists of 30 days post-discharge from
the hospital to assist in educating and
empowering CHF diagnosed individuals and
their caregivers to assert self-management and
understanding red flags indicators for his/her
condition and how to respond.
Recently hospitalized Congestive Heart Failure patients of North Stafford,
Eastern Prince William, and Lorton. 90% of SNVMC’s CHF patients are 50
years of age and older. No charge for patients or insurance for Care Transitions
program. The patient has the right to participate or deny additional services. The
total affected in the target area is ~2,329(2012 estimate); 60.3 per 10,000 (PHF
2012 Health Profile.
Provide information, coordination, support and
guidance for individuals with complex medical
needs in the agency's residential program,
INSIGHT. Due to this timely and effective
intervention, the Case Manager will assist these
individuals to access needed supports and
services that can prevent long term and often
costly hospital and nursing home admissions.
The target population is adults with developmental disabilities who reside or are
scheduled to move into the agency’s residential services in the eastern Prince
William area. They require medical case management to prevent hospitalization
and nursing home admissions. They are all very low income as defined by HUD
and there is a mixture of race and gender. The ages of the individual’s average
late middle-aged to elderly, but there are a few younger.
The program will address Access through
scholarships and a leadership curriculum that
focuses on healthcare issues of interest to PHF
and that align with PHF funding priorities.
Several colleges have health sciences leadership
courses that could be adapted to a workshop
format and perhaps offered for credit.
The target population is second-year full-time associate degree health sciences
students at GCC and NVCC who live in the zip codes served by PHF. Based on
current enrollments, we project that in 2014-15 approximately 75-80 students
would be eligible Fellows candidates.
There are no restrictions as to age, gender, race, language, or socioeconomic
status although financial need is one criterion for scholarship awards.