MAP Grants 2015

Agency LogoProgram DescriptionGrant Award
ACTSAction in Community Through Service (ACTS)
ACTS greatest challenge is to upgrade its financial system so directors can have
easy access to financial reporting systems and produce the needed financial
reports to various funding sources in a timely manner.
Change in ActionChange in Action, Inc.
As Change in Action prepares to enter its sixth year of existence, it is
paramount that we develop an agency strategic plan with the identification of
goals and realistic benchmarks, necessary resources, and a better understanding
of the needs of our current customers (i.e. clients, funders, and community).
GreaterPrinceWilliamCommunityHealthCenterGreater Prince William Community Health Center
The organization would hire consulting expertise to facilitate the development
of a three-year strategic program plan to guide the organization’s goals and
Lloyd F Moss Free ClinicLloyd F. Moss Free Clinic
By creating a marketing plan, the Moss Free Clinic can approach its
promotional activities in a practical, organized manner. With the assistance of a
marketing/public relations consultant, a concerted marketing effort can help the
Clinic increase our donations, attract new sponsors, raise interest in health care
and recruit volunteers. With limited existing resources, in materials, staff, and
funds, a professional marketing consultant is necessary to provide the support
needed to assess and increase operations.
NOVAScriptsCentralNOVA ScriptsCentral, Inc.
NSC will expand its leadership role in medication access and quality care for the uninsured. Clinics expressed strong interest in NSC providing direct-to-patient
mail order and one-on-one patient counseling to improve patients’
medication use. These patient-centered services improve access and adherence
resulting in improved patient outcomes. Funds will support consultant services
for design and planning for medication therapy management.
PMAH logoProject Mend-A-House
A focus on preparing a strong organizational foundation and developing a strategic plan
while equipping leadership with the proper tools and knowledge will position the
organization to successfully navigate the next thirty years.
RxPartnershipRX Partnership
This project will allow RxP to make a strategic plan for the next three years so that we can continue to be relevant and be a resource for our Affiliate partners.
Streetlight CommunityStreetLight Community Outreach Ministry
StreetLight will improve financial management and sustainability through the MAP grant by automating data bases for both donor and client systems as well as additional administrative support during the transition to new systems. Additionally, professional fundraising services will be utilized to increase donor retention and planned giving, reengage lapsed donors, and to strengthen grant applications and develop new foundation prospects.