2011 Grants

In September 2011, Potomac Health Foundation awarded 24 projects from 21 agencies for a total amount of $4,685,637. A project description summary is available in the table below, or click here for PowerPoint format.

Agency Logo Program Description Target Beneficiaries Grant Award
Employment Solutions for Deaf and Hard of Hearing*
Providing Access to Healthcare for the Deaf Community (PAH!)
The Providing Access to Healthcare (PAH) program of Employment Solutions is proposing education and healthcare accompaniment services to overcome barriers to healthcare for those residing in the Foundation service area.
62 deaf persons living in Prince William County and North Stafford County. $35,338
(12 month)
GreaterPrinceWilliamCommunityHealthCenter Greater Prince William Community Health Center
Integrated and Coordinated Health Care Home
Potomac Health Foundation funds will be used to help the Center meet the increasing demand for services and expand use of technology to promote quality care and provide patients access to their records.
11,000 uninsured or low or moderate income residents seeking medical care. $250,576
(12 month)
LloydFMossFreeClinic Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic
General Operating Funds
It is the goal of the Moss Free Clinic to provide free of charge, nondiscriminatory, quality health care services to the low income, uninsured residents of Virginia’s Planning District 16 through the prevention and/or treatment of illness and disease with medical care, dental care, prescription assistance and patient education. All activities will be ongoing through the grant’s entire life cycle.
219 low income, uninsured adults who do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare, and have a household income of less than 125% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. $195,107
(12 month)
NVRC Northern Virginia Resource Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Persons
Hearing, Education, Access and Resources – Prince William County (HEAR – PWC)
The target population for HEAR-PWC will be the County’s seniors (ages 55-100+) struggling with hearing loss, their families and caregivers. Participants will learn useful, basic communication strategies to enable seniors with hearing loss to feel more incorporated into the social structure, and less apprehensive about expressing their needs.
200 low income seniors, ages 55-100+, in Manassas and Woodbridge. 50 senior caregivers, staffs, family members. $25,000
(12 month)
NOVAScriptsCentral NOVA Scripts Central, Inc.
Prescription Medications for the Low-income Uninsured
A general operating support grant to cover expenses such as; salaries, generic medication purchasing, dispensing, and shipping supplies, UPS shipping costs and pharmacy operation costs. NSC’s nonprofit pharmacy dispenses prescriptions from a formulary of over 350 different medications and ships them to income-qualified patients at safety-net clinic partners.
1,860 residents of the area of focus who are uninsured and at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. $197,903
(12 month)
PediaticPrimaryCareProject Pediatric Primary Care Project
Kids Connect
This project targets uninsured children living in Prince William County and Northern Stafford, under 18 years of age that are not eligible for Medicaid or FAMIS, or have no other medical insurance. Funds will support a bilingual case manager for the purpose of providing clinical oversight and parent education.
750 children (under 18 years) who are uninsured, low income (under 200% of poverty) and chronically ill. $30,000
(12 month)
PhoenixFamilyCounseling Phoenix Family Counseling & Play Therapy Center*
Family Life Program
The Family Life Program aims to decrease symptoms of trauma, depression and anxiety for clients, as well as increase professional clinical skills in staff of three non-profit organizations being served. The training, consultation and supervision services to staff and volunteers will allow them to utilize these skills long after the end of the grant cycle.
258 individuals will increase accessibility to mental health services and support in eastern Prince William County (PWC). $252,020
(12 month)
PrinceWilliamAreaFreeClinic Prince William Area Free Clinic
Medication Access Case Management
Prince William Area Free Clinic (PWAFC) funding will be used for a pharmacy technician to operate as a medication case manager and to off-set medication costs when not covered under other formularies, during gap periods, or when clients cannot pay.
3,006 uninsured residents of Prince William County that meet 125% of the state poverty guidelines. $138,900
(12 month)
RainbowCenter Rainbow Center
The Mane Experience
Extend equine therapy services to special education students with Autism and/or intellectual/cognitive, physical and behavioral/social disabilities attending Forest Park High School.
63 students with special needs who attend FPHS. $69,130
(12 month)
RxPartnership Rx Partnership
Medication Access for the Uninsured
A general operating support grant to continue the work of supporting free clinics and community health centers by free medication to low-income, uninsured residents in the community through bulk delivery. Rx Partnership will increase the value of the program by adding new medications from current and potential pharmaceutical partners.
2,500+ low-income (200% or less of the FPL), uninsured individuals seeking services from Affiliates in the PHF service area. $25,000
(12 month)
Sentara Sentara Potomac Hospital
Every Baby, Every Time!
Uninsured pregnant women will enter into prenatal care in the first trimester of pregnancy as a result of advertising and navigator efforts. This will be reflected in a decrease in the number of patients presenting to the Sentara Potomac Hospital emergency room in labor with no prenatal care.
127 uninsured pregnant women in Eastern Prince William County and North Stafford. $85,000
(12 month)
Sentara Sentara Potomac Hospital
Family Health Connection Mobile Vans
The goal of Family Health Connection is to improve the health of area residents by improving access to primary care, placing them in a ‘Medical Home” and thereby decreasing unnecessary emergency room visits.
1,447 uninsured and under-served low income population of North Stafford and Eastern Prince William County. $210,000
(12 month)
Sentara Sentara Potomac Hospital
Potomac Women’s Health Mammovan
Improved access to mammography screening services through the use of a mobile mammography van and linking patients with necessary follow up diagnosis and treatment services. Additionally, the mammography van’s exam room will be utilized for a variety of women’s health purposes, including well women exams, health education and counseling, pregnancy tests, etc.
2,700 low income (i.e., below 200% Federal Poverty Level) and uninsured women in the Potomac Health Foundation Service area. $725,000
(12 month)
TheArc The Arc of Greater Prince William/INSIGHT, Inc
The Arc’s Capital Building Expansion
Contribution toward a capital campaign, for a 13,800 square foot addition to be built at the Muriel Humphrey Center in Dale City and renovation of current space. The child care center will provide additional access for children with complex needs that cannot be met through other community resources, such as commercial child care centers. Children on the autism spectrum will receive developmental services and children with medical concerns will be monitored by skilled nursing and support medical staff.
4,500 children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families who reside in the eastern Prince William County area. $1,000,000
(12 month)
YouthForTomorrow Youth for Tomorrow
Crisis Intervention Counseling Program
The development and implementation of a community-based Crisis Intervention program run by Youth for Tomorrow (YFT) clinical staff. The services will target children, who following an initial assessment, are in crisis due to symptoms of anxiety, depression, disruptive behaviors, poor communication and social skills, difficulties with self-care, attention problems, as well as deficiencies in family functioning.
135 children ages 10 through 21 in the targeted areas of: Dale City, Dumfries, Lake Ridge, Manassas, Quantico, Triangle, and Woodbridge. $240,920
(12 month)
GMU George Mason University
The ACHIEVES Project (AdvanCing Healthcare Initiatives for undErserVed Students)
The ACHIEVES Project is a collaboration between George Mason University and the Prince William County Public Schools. The project offers increased access and quality of healthcare for student athletes, education about the emerging health issue of concussion, and the establishment of a centralized injury surveillance system necessary to inform evidence-based prevention efforts in local high schools and middle schools.
15,000 student athletes, parents, and school staff in 2 high schools (Zip Code: 22193) and all 15 middle schools in Prince William County Public Schools. $400,089
(12 month)
LakeRidgeLionsClub Lake Ridge Lions Club Charities
Region V Lions Clubs Early Childhood Eye Screening Project
Establish an Early Childhood Vision Screening Program in Lions Region V and to use a SPOT screener to detect eye disorders in infants, toddlers, and preschoolers as well as non-verbal children of any age so that corrective intervention can be achieved before school age.
Screen 5,000 children as young as 6 months of age and non-verbal children of any age. $75,000
(12 month)
PWHealthPartnership Prince William Health Partnership
Healthy Eating and active Living (HEAL ) Sustainability and Expansion
HEAL program is seeking to change unhealthy behaviors of parents, and area preschoolers by involving parents, to assist with good nutritional choices for their children and increasing opportunities for physical activities.
250 4-5 year old preschool students residing in the PHF service area. $60,912
(12 month)
SIDSMid-Atlantic SIDS Mid-Atlantic
Cribs for Kids
SIDS Mid-Atlantic will partner with community agencies: health department, hospital, Healthy Families, Resource Mothers, Bridges, and the Community Health Center, to provide new, portable cribs to very low income families. In addition, SIDS Mid-Atlantic will provide education and training to agency staff on safe sleep for babies.
200 low-income families with newborn babies, of all ethnicities, in Eastern Prince William and Southern Fairfax Counties. $25,000
(12 month)
TheHouse The House, Inc Student Leadership Center
Fitting In
“Fitting In” is aimed at reversing the childhood obesity epidemic by providing youth with tools they need to live healthy, balanced, and active lifestyles. We incorporate physical fitness and proper nutrition into their daily routine to promote a healthy lifestyle.
750 underserved students in grades 4-12 from Prince William County areas of Woodbridge, Dale City, Lake Ridge, Manassas, Dumfries, and Triangle. $60,000
(12 month)
ACTS Action in Community Through Service
ACTS Helpline Assistance and Outreach Project
The Helpline is a 24-hour telephone service for all residents that are experiencing a personal crisis. The proposed intervention will establish survivor support teams that will extend core services in the community, as well as expand training to the community to increase the visibility of Helpline services.
15,000 residents of the community in need of a trained and compassionate person who assists with problem solving and crisis management. $149,970
(12 month)
ACTS Action in Community Through Service
ACTS Medical Caregivers Training Program
Establish a comprehensive 130-hour caregiver training (CNA certificate) program. Training will be provided by Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA). This program aims to meet the health needs of an increasing aging population in Prince William.
320 older individuals and those with special needs $154,080
(12 month)
BrainInjuryServices Brain Injury Services
An Innovative Approach to Neurobehavioral Treatment for Brain Injury in Eastern Prince William County
Enable individuals who have experienced a brain injury and manifest severe neurobehavioral issues attain their personal goals that are reflected in the following areas: productivity, independent living, and residential. This program will enhance and support an individual’s participation in their community and prevent the need for long term institutionalization.
50 clients screened (from Prince William Co.) who have experienced a brain injury, have additional behavioral challenges, and mental health diagnosis. 25 clients will be treated. $201,450
(12 month)
PrinceWilliamCountySchools Prince William County Public Schools
PWC School of Practical Nursing
Prince William County Schools (PWCS) – Practical Nursing Program will use the grant funds to develop an innovative human patient simulation laboratory for novice student nurses and current community health nurses affiliated with the school district. Access to simulation will increase nursing skills of students, as well as critical thinking and patient safety.
56 new first year students and 28 second year students annually.
96,485 members of the community population both within and outside of the school system.
(12 month)

* An LLC organization funded through a 501(c)3 Fiscal Sponsor